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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

How to switch or select OS(operating system) in Teclast X98 dual boot tablet.

I bought secondhand Teclast X98 Air ii and I couldn't find any way to enter Windows OS(operating system).

So I googled it and I found that

to enter OS selection screen in Teclast dual boot tablet.
'Volume Up' button + 'Power' button will enter the OS selection screen.

How to switch or select OS(Operating System) in Teclast dual boot tablet.

Easy way to do this is first press 'volume up' button and then press 'Power' button.

How about other dual boot tablet?

Many other tablets like Chuwi, Cube has dedicated Windows application and Android system app so you can use this application or app to change to desired OS.

And Teclast X98 Air 3G also had this app. But Teclast X98 Air ii doesn't have this app--maybe there has but my tablet doesn't have.

If you have Teclast X98 Air 3G and would like to install os-switch app, you can check this link:

Details about OS selection process in Teclast dual boot tablet.

When you enter the OS selection screen,
Teclast X98 Air ii - OS selection (Android, Windows) screen

you can either choose from top left corner check-box:
  • boot up OS without OS selection screen
  • or boot up OS with OS selection screen in 10 seconds.

Teclast X98 Air ii dualboot tablet- OS selection (Android, Windows) screen explained

So if you remove that tick in check-box, you won't see this OS selection screen. So if you need to change OS, you have to Volume Up and Power button together to see this screen.

And choose whatever OS (Android or Windows) you desire, and touch 'choose OS' button.

When you changed OS, you will see message like this:
Teclast X98 Air ii - when the os selection was changed.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Teclast X98 Air ii, dual boot tablet - how to change memory size for android.

Is it possible without reinstalling the system?

Answer looks like 'no' at the moment.

I am trying to reduce the Android memory size and increase the Windows hard disk size.
What I have found so far, I can delete whole Android system or delete whole Windows system.
It looks like quite hard(or impossible) to reduce the Android size because Android uses 7+ partition which you can see the below photo.

So it should better to install one by one--Windows 8.1 and then Android. Or vice versa. During installation, I think it can allocate partition size--I haven't found out yet so it was just my guessing.

First, how much space on the 64GB hard drive is assigned to Android and Windows?

I bought secondhand x98 air ii 64gb so I'm not sure about whether it is factory setup or not.
But mine was 39gb(include 5gb for windows recovery) for Windows and other remains--22gb(it seems) for Android.

Here is partition allocation table from Windows' disk management.
Teclast X98 Air ii 64gb - default partition allocation - Windows 8.1's disk management

Here is Android's memory size from storage menu in settings.
Teclast X98 Air ii 64gb - default Android memory size - Storage menu in Settings.

Second, what is the optimal partition size for Android and Windows?

I think there hasn't any optimal partition size because it's all depend on usage.
I don't like installing so many apps on Android and Windows. So in my case, 8gb is surely enough for my Android--I have a 16gb android tablet and half was empty so I can manage with that size. And I can put data(ebooks, songs, videos, etc) on micro-sd memory.
And I don't need big memory on Windows but sometimes, some software need big size--mostly games, so I'd like to have more space on Windows.

I'm thinking about upgrade to Android 5.0 from 4.4.4. So during that process, I hope to reduce the partition size.

This is one guide that delete Android and then those Android's memory allocate to Windows so without reinstalling the os--operating system.

* Koko Pudja's guide: How to delete Android and merge partitions in Windows for more space
Same tutorial but with photos to help much easy to follow.

I think this guide is apply to all the dual boot tablet such as Chuwi, Teclast, (Onda, Cube?) which had two operating system, Windows and Android.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

You are glad to limit your imagination!?

You shouldn't limit your imagination. But you are happy to limit your imagination to 3.5 to 10 inch iPhone, smartphone or tabletPC screen.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014 will shutdown.

This is what I wrote to my twitter account.

#Springpad Interesting idea and it could better. But painful to use & horribly slow. Managing the text is that hard?!

If you'd like to know what I mean, you can simply install #Ted text editor in #playstore. And then run it. & run the #Springpad. compare it.

They had some interesting ideas and it went well.

But they took same mistake path like poor performance in fundamentally important thing. However you try to change, is basically text editor. So if it lose competency in fundamental thing, people won't try to use it much.

It means company will lose their customers.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Many gadget lovers are living in their own small world.

What a ridiculous idea. If I'm not doing in wedding photography, I am not a professional photographer?

Get out of your narrow-minded world.
He or she was talking like looking down photographers who don't use mention the product. People use product their needs, not by your choice.

No wonder there has movie call the 'The Matrix'.

Friday, September 27, 2013

I don't want to lose all my data when Android phone's pattern was locked with no internet connection.

I didn't use this phone for a while so I have forgotten the pattern. So I was trying to remember it but failed several times.
And I've got this message.
'Too many pattern attempts' in Android phone. Because I totally forgot the pattern.
'Too many pattern attempts' in Android phone. Because I totally forgot the pattern.

And I googled it and I found the way but I turned off the internet so I can't unlock it with my google account.

So I googled it again and I found the way which requires factory reset. But problem is factory reset means erase all my data which I don't like to do.

No internet connection. I can't turn wifi on when Android gadget's pattern was locked.

And finally I found the way that doesn't need to factory reset.

Here is the article:

Unlock an Android Device without Internet Access – Using ADB commands @ February 28, 2013 by chethakau

Here is what I tweeted about it:

#Unlock an #Android Device without Internet Access – Using #ADB commands by chethakau
5:58 PM – 23 Sep 13
I can do factory reset but don't want to lose all my data. Problem is phone's wifi was off and without sim card so no internet connection.
6:18 PM – 23 Sep 13

There has some requirements for to do these steps so you should read that article before do it.

Anyway, now I can use my phone again so thank you, chethakau.

P.S. My previous blog is in wordpress but I have to move to here. So I'm sorry about the confusion.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Why Google Chromebook doesn't much attract?

I am using the catch website which can keep personal memos and notes. Mostly, I am using this app from Android phone.

And I just thought that this app might have Chrome browser's app so I can make notes without internet connection, I thought.

This is a screen shot of catch app in Google Chrome's webstore.

What this app does is just open the website of catch. Nothing more.

So this is an app or just a bookmark?

I know some people might need bookmark as app but if Chromebook can't use with internet connection, how can you sell the product to the country with not-so-good internet connection and people who living in outside city-I don't think most country has very good internet infrastructure in countryside.

Oh, I forgot to mention that not only catch app did this.

I have seen a number of apps did this, too. And even google apps.

Anyway, that's why I wrote review with this comment:
Nowadays, bookmark became app. How clever!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

How that place was beautiful? I can't see it.

It could be sarcasm but I don't see how that place was beautiful.

Mobypicture user Ancilla Tilia uploaded photo with this: Our shooting location Oudewater is so beautiful!

I can imagine that house looked pretty but I have absolutely no idea how beautiful that was. Because I've never been there.

Because it doesn't have any natural and real color in it.

So I had to googling about it: oudewater – google image.

And I found this photo which was almost same site: Havenstraat, Oudewater by JohanBakker

I couldn't know why is beautiful until I found a real photo of place
* This old link doesn't work but you can simply find wikipedia's photo from here.

Can't you see the problem with iPhone?

Friday, April 22, 2011

That's why Nokia was far more useful than iPhone.

I saw a photo from
Here is the one:

photo taken from Rick Bayless’s mobypicture

It doesn't look that nice. I mean I don't think I will go to eat that one. Because it doesn't look tasty.

That photo uploaded from Twittelator Pro – iPhone App so it probably taken with iPhone.

So here is mine that taken with Nokia 5800 XpressMusic.

It was side dish for drinking beer.
But I am sure that this one looks tastier than above one.

I didn't edit anything from that photo. Because I don't even know how to use Photoshop program.

If you want to showing the photo about your work, I really would suggest to use Nokia phone.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Cherry blossom in Sinchungyo, Daegu – comparison shot for Nokia N97 mini vs. Motorola Milestone

Nokia N97 mini has 5 Megapixel with Carl Zeiss optics and autofocus and dual LED flash.
Milestone has 5 Megapixel with autofocus and dual LED flash.
So Carl Zeiss optics was only different thing.
But you can so easily find the differences from the photo.

It was late afternoon so Milestone probably couldn’t get the enough light.

Cherry blossom in Sinchungyo, Daegu by Nokia N97 mini

Cherry blossom in Sinchungyo, Daegu by Motorola Milestone

Cherry blossom in Sinchungyo, Daegu by Nokia N97 mini

Cherry blossom in Sinchungyo, Daegu by Motorola Milestone

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What Nokia N8's video recording makes so special?

I have written many things in my Korean blog and then I thought about doing the video podcasting.
But I didn't have video camera so I have search for the advice from the web.

Microphone U87
Image via Wikipedia

Importance of audio

Here is what I found:

Selecting The Right Video Camera For Your Video Podcast @ October 28, 2006 By Scott Bourne
No matter how good your camera is, no matter how pretty you are, no matter how great your script, it's the audio that will make or break your video podcast.

Quite surprising, isn't it?'s Chamunks @ May 5, 2007 ask the question about video camera for podcast and jpmack answered it with importance of audio.
Here is what he said:
For video podcasting, video quality is not a big issue, audio is.

MacMost Now 121: Video Podcasting Secrets by Gary Rosenzweig @ August 15, 2008 He makes a few suggestions and one of them is "Use a good mic".
And Daniel commented in this article that
Get a Good MiCROPHONE! Even the coolest shows can be hard to hear sometimes.

But not many people recognized that audio is important. Becuase if people knew about this, people must know about benefit of Nokia N8's two mics.

People tend to believe rapid improvement on technology so these old findings weren't that important.
And not many people are doing the video podcast so people don't think it was really important.

But professional podcaster or cameraman must know this. That's why I found that kind of findings from the web.

One of my secret ingredient for speech.

Whenever I gave a speech for group of people, one of thing that help me to succeed speech is a very loud voice. So the audience can hear clearly what I am saying.
I know there has many other factors, too.

Let's think about it this way. If you gave very good speech but some of the people in group couldn't hear what you were saying, it was pointless, wasn't it?

So when I gave speech, I was trying to raise my voice. But recording the video will decrease volume of my voice and then I can get just acceptable volume in youtube video.

Here is link of my youtube video. It was Korean language. But you can still hear the volume of my voice.

Nokia N8's two mics make so different than any other.

Here is video from BesteProduct.

Nokia N8 vs iPhone 4 video test

I am not going to talk about here for video quality because 720p HD video was quite good enough for web video or casual use.

But you can certainly notice the audio. Nokia N8 have front and back microphone so it really helped what people were saying in the video. (It wasn't English so I couldn't understand though.)

Jay Montano also said
Compared to Nokia N8, iPhone 4 audio recording is absolutely PANTS.

about this video in Video: Split Screen Nokia N8 versus iPhone 4 video (and audio) test @ October 7, 2010

In that article, ruhtinas was linked good example of audio quality from ilmojk‘s youtube video.

Nokia N8 HD Skädäm-Katujen kuningatar

Here is one more good example.

Nokia N8 Camera test – U2 Roma 10.2010

In entrambi i casi non abbiamo utilizzato nessuna patch che porti foto a massima qualità o video a 30FPS.
[google translated: In both cases we did not use any patches that bring the highest quality photos or videos at 30FPS.]
It means audio wasn't edited, I think.

Last two videos were low light or night recording so video quality wasn't that great but audio makes video more watchable and enjoyable.

So Nokia N8's two microphones make so special in video recording.
This is the reason I could say Nokia N8 was exceptional. I haven't even hands on N8 though.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Nokia N8 was shipping and this is new promo ad

Nokia N8 started shipping yesterday. But it will take some time to reach end-user. <-- Old link doesn't work.

So if you are waiting for Nokia N8 or wanted to know about Nokia N8, you can see this promotional video. <-- Old youtube doesn't exist anymore.

This video showing well about what Nokia N8 can do.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008 moving forward in the gadget business

When I was trying to check the's homepage, I saw the letter from the CEO for restocked the Kindle which is wireless reading device.

Kindle image via Wikipedia

If you know how unusual that put the CEO's letter in the their very first page. Have a look at this.
Picture taken from at 2:15 29th April 2008.

If you think it is just digital gadget such as smartphone and iPhone, you should better think about it again.
Because, device was not the issues here.

What this letter mentioned is that they added 25,000 additional books, blogs, magazines, and newspapers which bringing the total to more than 115,000. A hundred fifteen thousands.
I will just briefly tell you about the history of ebook viewer. Almost none of portable gadget succeed in the market, before E-ink came out. E ink screen is most comfortable for human eyes-I haven't seen it yet but a lot of people talked about that way.- and feel like paper because it is one of electronic paper technology.
So it is possible technology to make new big market.

Whenever I thought about it, I felt that was just online version of bookstore. I know their main business was not selling the book any more so they became online shopping mall long time ago.
So they don't have to sell the actual books in the future because they can sell the ebook.

I know it still need a lot of time but it will happen someday.
Kindle product –

p.s. I skipped a lot of details so some day I will write more about it.