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What Nokia N8's video recording makes so special?

I have written many things in my Korean blog and then I thought about doing the video podcasting.
But I didn't have video camera so I have search for the advice from the web.

Microphone U87
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Importance of audio

Here is what I found:

Selecting The Right Video Camera For Your Video Podcast @ October 28, 2006 By Scott Bourne
No matter how good your camera is, no matter how pretty you are, no matter how great your script, it's the audio that will make or break your video podcast.

Quite surprising, isn't it?

Ask.MetaFilter.com's Chamunks @ May 5, 2007 ask the question about video camera for podcast and jpmack answered it with importance of audio.
Here is what he said:
For video podcasting, video quality is not a big issue, audio is.

MacMost Now 121: Video Podcasting Secrets by Gary Rosenzweig @ August 15, 2008 He makes a few suggestions and one of them is "Use a good mic".
And Daniel commented in this article that
Get a Good MiCROPHONE! Even the coolest shows can be hard to hear sometimes.

But not many people recognized that audio is important. Becuase if people knew about this, people must know about benefit of Nokia N8's two mics.

People tend to believe rapid improvement on technology so these old findings weren't that important.
And not many people are doing the video podcast so people don't think it was really important.

But professional podcaster or cameraman must know this. That's why I found that kind of findings from the web.

One of my secret ingredient for speech.

Whenever I gave a speech for group of people, one of thing that help me to succeed speech is a very loud voice. So the audience can hear clearly what I am saying.
I know there has many other factors, too.

Let's think about it this way. If you gave very good speech but some of the people in group couldn't hear what you were saying, it was pointless, wasn't it?

So when I gave speech, I was trying to raise my voice. But recording the video will decrease volume of my voice and then I can get just acceptable volume in youtube video.

Here is link of my youtube video. It was Korean language. But you can still hear the volume of my voice.

Nokia N8's two mics make so different than any other.

Here is video from BesteProduct.

Nokia N8 vs iPhone 4 video test

I am not going to talk about here for video quality because 720p HD video was quite good enough for web video or casual use.

But you can certainly notice the audio. Nokia N8 have front and back microphone so it really helped what people were saying in the video. (It wasn't English so I couldn't understand though.)

Jay Montano also said
Compared to Nokia N8, iPhone 4 audio recording is absolutely PANTS.

about this video in Video: Split Screen Nokia N8 versus iPhone 4 video (and audio) test @ October 7, 2010

In that article, ruhtinas was linked good example of audio quality from ilmojk‘s youtube video.

Nokia N8 HD Skädäm-Katujen kuningatar

Here is one more good example.

Nokia N8 Camera test – U2 Roma 10.2010

In entrambi i casi non abbiamo utilizzato nessuna patch che porti foto a massima qualità o video a 30FPS.
[google translated: In both cases we did not use any patches that bring the highest quality photos or videos at 30FPS.]
It means audio wasn't edited, I think.

Last two videos were low light or night recording so video quality wasn't that great but audio makes video more watchable and enjoyable.

So Nokia N8's two microphones make so special in video recording.
This is the reason I could say Nokia N8 was exceptional. I haven't even hands on N8 though.

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