About--Why the ungeekiness?

What have I seen in the internet and what people are talking about the gadget--mobile phone, smartphone, digital camera include digital slr,
I realised that people are too cling to some product or some technology and then they think if they have that product, they think they can change themselves and their productivity or creativity will increase immensely.

However if you buy the iPhone or expensive digital slr camera, doesn't mean your photographic skill significantly improved. But many people especially geek told you it will do so.
iPhone or any expensive digital slr or lens are just tool. How much you emphasize them, truth doesn't change--it's just tool.
You are thinking that buying expensive fancy shovel will make your digging significantly fast!?

So I will concentrate on how to use the tool cleverly, not the gadget or device.
- added at April 28, 2016

Simple blog description:
A blog about mobile gadget, photography gear, smartphone, tablet, open source, Android, backpacking, taking a photo.
Geek culture became trend. But this blog will not follow trend. Will more concentrate on creativity, innovation, logical thinking and human thought process.
- added at June 1, 2016 for blog summary

Once I was a geek.

I have been interested in mobile stuff back in PDA era around 1990's--Palm Pilot, Cassiopeia, Philips Nino 500, iPAQ, Axim, etc. And it was useful but I always felt something is missing or not so useful than I thought.
And Symbian mobile operating system was discontinued by Nokia Corp. so I don’t much interest about the mobile phone anymore.

So I don’t have anything to write about it here I thought. But interestingly, there has. Not mobile stuff though--which I mentioned earlier.

Because I realised that why it is so--fancy stuff doesn't really help our lives.

I have taken so many photos with Symbian powered Nokia phone such as Nokia 6210s, 5800 xpressmusic, N97 mini and N8 because results are quite good.

And surprisingly not many people see it….

Long story short, so I will talk about the ungeekiness side of photography and among other things like traveling.

- added at May 24, 2013 and changed at April 17, 2016

Oldest one.

I have written in my native-language blog which is research paper style of writing so I have been learn and research a lot about Symbian powered Nokia smartphone.
But strangely not many people knew or understand about Symbian powered Nokia smartphone.

So here. I am trying to explain what Symbian powered Nokia smartphone really capable of.

About me...
This is Ara ... ... who has been learn English for a few years.
So would you mind if you could understand about my English writing skill please?

I am a writer. And very sarcastic one. So if you don’t like that kind of things, don’t click and read, please.