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Thursday, February 10, 2022

Safari wasn't competitive enough. Because not open platform. -Open source is the future.


I've seen this tweet:


 I don't know much about the issue because I don't use Safari. But what I don't understand is 'fix the problem' or 'solve the problem' wasn't the fundamental issue, I thought. For example, design flaw or missing function was not the bug, right?


So I wrote about in twitter and below writing is almost same as my tweet.

I don't know much about Safari, now. But what I know is nowadays without open platform, you won't be competitive enough.

I googled about market share and I was surprised because Safari does quite good--19.84% source from Firefox only 4.18%. Chrome 63.03%.
So I thought I was wrong about what I wrote.

Web browser market share wordwide by all platform. at February 10, 2022


But that's all platform which means smartphone's web browser marketshare included.

So desktop marketshare will show I wasn't wrong.

Web browser market share wordwide by desktop. at February 10, 2022


Safari 9.85% but Firefox also similar like 9.16%. And that's not end there because Edge 9.53% which Microsoft decided to become open source. And chrome wasn't exactly open source but chromium is. So can call open platform.

I didn't google about the Safari but I remember when I was using Safari in Windows several years ago. And I never heard after that.

And Chrome and Firefox all support multiple platform. But I don't think Safari does.


screenshot of 'Safari version history - Wikipedia' src:wikipedia at February 10, 2022


And when I try to make wallet for some cryptocurrency. Many were support web browser app which call the web browser extension or addon. So I can conviniently use cryptowallet.

Oh, sure, many crypto probably have iOS and android app.

But I don't think I have seen any web browser extension app for Safari. Mostly Chrome and Firefox. Sometimes, Edge, too.


So I'm quite sure that I can say Safari('s closed platform) can't catch up with open platform like Chrome, Firefox and even Microsoft's Edge.

Here is the what I wrote in the tweets:

You can read more about it--Open source is the future. I will talk more about it--later. @ February 7, 2020


Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Xiaomi Mi 8 selfie vertical video upload resolution problem-to youtube. Orientation problem.

I didn't really try to recording video with my smartphone before. And especially use with selfie camera.
But nowadays I'm thinking about recording video because it seems to me that not many people (in my country) trying to read article from the internet--especially like my blog--because I don't lure people.

Anyway, after record video with front camera, I think video quality wasn't bad. Actually it was quite nicer than I expected.

So I tried to uploaded to youtube but video resolution was reduced to 480p.
I think it has some problem with vertical video resolution, Mi 8 recorded vertical mode in slight different(or proper) way--like photo with portrait setting. 

but as you can see, video quality isn't good because it's jut 480p video.
So I googled about it and it looks like nowadays youtube will recognise 1080p video very well if uploaded video file is 1080p.

I uploaded it again(and again) with different filename--because if it's same filename, it became duplicate video. But it was same 480p video.

And I realised that video is vertical video so I googled about it--with keyword like this - 'youtube vertical video quality'.
Last year, youtube properly work with vertical video--without black bars.

Xiaomi Mi 8 portrait video is like photo's--based on orientation info.

And it seems to me that if it's 1080p vertical video, youtube properly work. So why my video wasn't uploaded it as 1080p video.
So it must be problem with my video file.

And I remembering some playback issue with PotPlayer which is video player in Windows 10. Last time, it did rotate whole screen to play this vertical--portrait video.

Screenshot of vertical-portrait video's media information in VLC player.

As you can see in the photo.
Video resolution is 1920x1080. If it's portrait video, it should be 1080x1920, right?
So how this can play as portrait mode?

You can see next highlight item in the photo. Orientation is 'Bottom right'. I don't' know what it refer to the 'Bottom right' is but I know this orientation thing when I was trying to editing the photos.
Sometime, this orientation things make mess when I am trying to editing it or uploading it to photo sharing websites.

So I had to use open source software Shotcut for just export to mp4 file. After that, I can upload to 1080p which you can see from below:

I'm not quite sure where should I report this issue. Xiaomi Mi 8's video shouldn't record like that--don't use orientation setting or something. Or youtube should properly recognise orientation setting in video files.

Or I didn't use properly like need some setting in portrait video mode (there has no other settings though) or something.

Friday, May 31, 2019

$150-ish Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Global Rom version already support widevine L1.

I don't watch Netflix or Amazon prime so I didn't know what this widevine thing is.
But I could find some question about it in Xiaomi MIUI Official Forum which currently merged with Mi Community.

Xiaomi flagship Mi 8 is still L3.

Mi 8 is Xiaomi flagship smartphone line--Mi series which was released last year and this year, Xiaomi released Mi 9.
So people are saying Mi 8 is Xiaomi's flagship smartphone but why Mi 8 don't support widevine L1 which is important because L1 device only support HD in Netflix and Amazon prime.

Screenshot of Xiaomi Mi 8's DRM Info 1/2

Screenshot of Xiaomi Mi 8's DRM Info 2/2

If you see the first screenshot, you can see the Mi 8's firmware version info. - which is Miui global stable newest version.
And L3 from the second screenshot.

You can read about Widevine from Wikipeida
or I will just quote from important part from Widevine digital rights management explained @ December 11, 2017
Android devices support either L1 or L3 security levels, depending on hardware and software implementations, as does Chrome OS. 
If your device is only L3 compliant, you're capped at sub-HD resolutions. Only L1 secure back HD or higher quality content...

Redmi Note 7 launched in Korea and it's widevine L1.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 was launched in Korea at April 15, 2019. And this model probably is same model like European version which had global version.
Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Korean version - Global Version.

After launched in Korea, I heard that Redmi Note 7 support widevine L1 from Xiaomi community in Korea. But I don't have a Redmi Note 7 to screenshot myself.
And I just bought it a few days ago so I did capture the screen.

Screenshot of Xiaomi Redmi Note 7's DRM Info 1/2

Screenshot of Xiaomi Redmi Note 7's DRM Info 2/2

You can see the Redmi Note 7's firmware version info. - which is Miui global stable version.
And L1 from the second screenshot.

HD streaming isn't available yet in Netflix, probably.

I don't subscribe to Netflix so I don't know.
But some people are saying HD streaming wasn't available in Redmi Note 7 which suppose to work because it support widevine L1.
But I heard that you can download HD video files in Redmi Note 7.

I don't know much about this so you should ask about it to Netflix.
And you can check Netflix's help page about the "Using Netflix on your Android phone or tablet".

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Gameloft's new way to cheat customer - Asphalt 8 blueprint update.

I was very disappointed about how Gameloft update the game--last year, I think. So I didn't play like a year.

Recently I wasn't very interest to watch movie--which is one of my favourite thing, in my free time. So I'd like to try something else and I decided to try Asphalt 8 again.

Back to Asphalt 8.

I have quite number of cars so I can enjoy some TLE(Time-Limited Event) and MP(Multiplayer). And I can find quite number of new things like Blueprint, Porsche, new map-Patagonia and among other things.

It wasn't easy to familiar with Patagonia map because I don't have new car to try that in career mode or mastery challenge. So I had to do playing so long time in MP because in MP, I can choose the map.

Not bad, I thought.

Doing TLE, I don't have C, B, A and S class king anymore. I don't mind playing with second or third best car. So that's fine.
Actually I was quite surprised that D class king is Mazda RX8.

So at least, I don't have to buy other D class cars and upgrade it--which required credits farming for several hours--doing same thing over, over, , , , , , and over which makes me feel boring.

Anyway, I don't really try to get the cars I don't own because I don't want to do that credits farming.
But I do enjoy playing in multiplayer league(even in free race) so I thought about get good multiplayer cars.
I have some but it was lower rank car so it takes long time to finish the race.

So I try to learn about this Blueprint thing.

Asphalt 8 Exclusive deal.

Here is exclusive deal:
screenshot - Asphalt 8 Exclusive Deals

Exclusive deals.. It sounds very nice, right?
So even Asphalt 8 wikia said like this:
screenshot - Exclusive Deals | Asphalt Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia
in addition to massive price drops in offers' prices, partially due to players' complaints.
- source FANDOM powered by Wikia website - Exclusive Deals | Asphalt Wiki

Massive price drop.
Why they can do massive price drop? It was extremely expensive in first place, right?

Some of items, it was slightly discounted for sure.

As you can see first photo, 5 of Extra Tank for 560 tokens. One extra tank price was 200 tokens. So it was really great price.

But not so fast....

See this Blueprint price. Just one Porsche 959 BP, Porsche Cayman GT4 BP for 150 tokens.

According to the Wikia website's Porsche 959 page:
The Porsche 959 costs 1,100 tokens to purchase, according to the game's internal data. Otherwise, the car must be assembled with 14 Porsche 959 BP cards.
For a limited time, it is possible to purchase Porsche 959 Full BP Pack, which contains all 14 Blueprints required to build the 959, at cost of 1,600 tokens, 500 tokens higher than the hidden purchase price.

You can even ignore game's internal data. Gameloft offered 1,600 tokens to 14 blueprints. So about 114.28 tokens for one bp card.
But this exclusive deal sell the car for 2,100 tokens. So this is 500 tokens higher than the limited time offer which is 500 tokens higher than game's internal data.

According to the Wikia website's Porsche Cayman GT4 page:
According to the game's internal data, the Porsche Cayman GT4 costs 2,500 tokens to purchase. To obtain normally, the car must be assembled after collecting 35 Common Porsche Cayman GT4 BP cards.

Unfortunately, this car don't have information like Porsche 959.
One bp card costs 150 tokens. This car need 35 cards to assembled car. So it will cost 5,250 tokens.

As you can see, Gameloft really try to sell twice the original price.

But what you have to know is that this original price was higher than previous cars and they don't perform better than that price.

Their car price was sky-rocketed--because every update, Gameloft did double and triple the cars and earn credits or tokens were not really increased.

Hide price and secretly double or triple the price.

You probably don't believe me. So I will show one more evidence.

I've got other special offer--this one actually made me realised all this.

screenshot - Asphalt 8 Special Offer: Mosler Super GT BP
Grants 10 cards. 1 will be a Blueprint card for the Mosler Super GT!

Special Offer: Mosler Super GT BP for 1,850 tokens. I remember the some blueprints box so I searched it in Asphalt 8 wikia websites.
According to the Wikia website's Pro Boxes page:
Racer Construction Box - Grants 5 random Blueprint cards for 1,100 tokens.
Expert Construction Box - Grants 10 random Blueprint cards for 2,225 tokens.

Expert Construction Box cost 2,225 tokens so it was good price, I thought.
When I tried to upload this screen shot to that wikia website's Pro Boxes page, I found this explanation: Grants 10 cards. 1 will be a Blueprint card for the Mosler Super GT!
I was like 'what?'

10 random cards box costs for 1,850 tokens? If I want to spend that token, I will buy two of champion kit box which I will get 60 cards.

Again, I checked price from Wikia.

According to the Wikia website's Mosler Super GT page:
The Mosler Super GT has a buying price of 14,000 tokens. As of the Car Blueprints Update, the Mosler Super GT can be crafted after obtaining 18 Mosler Super GT BP cards.

This car previously sell with token. So I can exactly calculate. 18 blueprint cards for 14,000 tokens. So one blueprint card costs 777.7778 tokens.

That means 1,072 tokens for other 9 random cards. Champion kit box is 30 cards with at least 10 will be rare or legendry box only cost 950 tokens. Expert Kit box is 8 random cards and it only cost 200 tokens.

Here is the someone commented in Wikia website's Car Blueprints Update page:
After this update many cars that can be obtained by tokens or from events like EDD/R&D has been made into bp cars. So now let's say the Fenyr needs 14k tokens to buy when offer for a limited time. But now it's 20 legendary bps which means 20x2250=45000 tokens. Lol the price is more than tripled. Also if you are not very lucky then you can never get any legendary bps from credits boxes. So those cars has been made almost impossible to get.
12 days ago by A FANDOM user

What I see is... Gameloft make this blueprint for hide price so nobody knew exact price. And then secretly double and triple the price for saying 'Exclusive Deal', 'Great Deal', 'Special Offer'.
It actually means double and triple price deal.

I strongly suggest to check the Asphalt 8 wikia website before you buy those deals.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

This is the reality---how Apple fanboy dominated this world. - Reality of web storage service.

I've got photos from friend--

screenshot from Best Of Quora facebook page

I didn't even read whole thing because I know the cost of web storage.

So I wrote in my facebook timeline:
This is the reality---how Apple fanboy dominated this world.
Do you know how much does it cost for 5giga byte storage for internet?
Do you know even give you free for about 200 times more size--1 tera byte of hard disk? Of course, they will display the advertisement but it was soo small that you will not even notice it.
Are you living in stone age that you think 5 giga byte of storage were some kind of miracle size?
Go and learn how internet became nowadays.

It wasn't really unlimited storage. And it wasn't started like that.

I was quite strange that Google give unlimited storage because there has limit. What I know is it will reduce the size, that's why I've got only 15 giga byte which isn't free at first, if I'm not mistaken.

Google advertised when you buy the android phone, you will get 15 giga byte of web storage.
I thought that 15 giga byte of web storage was really big about 3 to 5(??) years ago. But actually it wasn't.
Because I'm sharing with all of my google services like email, google docs, drives, photos, videos and even here--my blog service.

See. Actually it wasn't big. Because each product has 3 to 5 giga byte which is almost same as any other service.
For example, wordpress which is same as blogger here, give 3 giga byte of storage. You can read details here-Adding Storage Space — Support —
Other example, dropbox which is same as google drive, give 2 giga byte of storage. You can read details here-How much does Dropbox cost? - Dropbox Help - Dropbox
Onedrive which is same as google drive, give 5 giga byte of storage. You can read details here-Microsoft OneDrive Plans

People--even internet technology news writer, actually don't know why google give 15 giga byte. And they think google gave it for free because it was big.

Some of us know 15 giga byte was actually not big. So does Google.

Unlimited storage but compressed image--that means image quality will loss.

So Google offer the unlimited storage with limited photo size. I probably confused about this but if I'm not mistaken, they reduce the size more than half size if it was even 13 mega pixel. That's why I choose upload photos with original quality. I choose that almost year ago, I think.

Google Photos: Unlimited storage for free, with a few gotchas @ June 1, 2015 By Todd Ogasawara
Google Photo gives you unlimited storage space if you are willing to limit photo resolution to 16 megapixels and video resolution to 1080p. You do have the option to store at higher resolutions, but the storage counts against your Google Drive quota.

But it's not only photo resolution. It will compressed image, too.

Choose the upload size of your photos and videos - Google Photos Help
Photos are compressed to save space. If a photo is larger than 16MP, it will be resized to 16MP.

Or if you can buy a Google Pixel phone, you will get unlimited storage without those limitation. You can read here - Google is giving free, unlimited original-quality photo and video backups with the Pixel phones @ Oct 4, 2016 by Lauren Goode

Wait a sec. So Google only offer that much!?

Facebook, almost everyone using nowadays, right?
I've never seen any limitation of photos. People kept uploading it, don't they?
Yes, reduced photo quality(like Google does or more) and size but they gave almost(??) unlimited size, don't they?

How about Instagram?
Do I heard any limitation about photo uploading?
Yes, reduced photo quality(it wasn't much, I think. More for the size, I guess) and size. But they gave almost(??) unlimited storage, don't they?

How about which I mentioned very earlier.
Yes, they offer 1 tera byte of storage.

Do you think do I have to find out all the other websites about the offer? It's enough, right?

See the title of this article. "This is the reality--how Apple fanboy dominated this world."
That's why who has best answer. And choose that--Apple fanatic side of story, for the best of quora.

P.S. Slightly different but almost same story - Illogical idea ruled internet--especially social networking sites. @ March 17, 2017 - my other blog.

P.S. (at April 3, 2019): I found this question at - Why does Google offer unlimited storage for photos via Google Photos app? What's in it for Google?
So many answers include what I mentioned here.
Interesting thing is nobody talked about facebook or instagram. Because I'm sure they know about the websites and very likely using the websites. But they don't even know facebook and instagram gave unlimited photo storage like Google does--I'm sure some of their friends uploaded thousands and thousands of photos.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Asphalt 8 - Don't do the car upgrade for Donkervoort D8 GTO Cup, TLE(Time-Limted Event)

I think this is the first time(??) in TLE that can do the upgrade without own the car.

screenshot of Asphlat 8's Donkervoort D8 GTO Cup, TLE - upgrade is available

Of course, if you are going to buy the car, upgrade it for the cup wasn't bad idea. But you don't know anything about the car such as
  • car price--whether you can afford to buy it or not
  • whether car can do well in TLE or MP
  • good for farming
  • good rewards in mastery
  • good for the collections
If you don't know anything about this, how sure you will buy it, right?

Possible car price and upgrade price:

According to the Asphalt 8's Wikia Donkervoort D8 GTO page:
it will cost 325,000 credits or 2,000 tokens. 1,967,660 credits or 13,910 tokens to max out. 
And Donkervoort D8 GTO's upgrade page:

  • 13 of D Tires, Suspension, Drivetrain and Exhaust cards
  • 14 of Initial Tech and Early Tech cards
  • 8 of i5 Engine cards
  • with around 660,000+ credits

to pro the car.

This probably will be correct information but it can't be sure. Because Gameloft didn't officially release the information yet.

Impossible to get race reward (Extra Tank), even if you fully upgraded car.

screenshot of Asphlat 8's Donkervoort D8 GTO Cup, TLE
I also thought about get the race reward--Extra Tank (worth 200 tokens).
But question is can I finish within 1:17:00?

One most problem is that you can't actually fully upgraded it because very recently i5 Engine card started to drop. So most of player didn't even see the i5 engine card, I guess.

screenshot of Asphlat 8's Donkervoort D8 GTO Cup, TLE Leaderboard Top 100 in Windows
So here is the TLE Leaderboard top 100 in Windows.

Car rank 1,308 with triple booster can achieve 1:17:000.
And according to the Donkervoort D8 GTO's performance stats page, car rank of max out is 1251.
Maximum rank is 1365 which you can see in the first picture.

And those top 100 players are pro player.
So even if you upgraded like 1308, it is very hard to achieve 1:17:000. Of course, if you are pro-ish player, you probably can.

So don't fall for it.
Don't wasting your credits, tokens and cards.

At first, I also thought that 'Tuning'(upgrade the car) is possible because most of time, it was grayed out so it can't clickable. I thought this car is free give away so people can freely upgraded it. But it wasn't that...
And then that Extra Tank. Because sometimes, race reward is quite easy to do than top 1,000.

If you are trying to get 100 tokens reward, that also you have to seriously thinking about it.

This is reply comment in Asphalt 8's Wikia Donkervoort D8 GTO page. So I will just copy it.

Yes, top 2,000 for the 100 tokens are good idea.. But that also you have to think about it.
Now I'm doing EDD so I am quite frequently using the Extra Tank. So I did the cup with triple booster--I usually go with double booster so mostly without ET.
I made 1:29:661 which 2,402 position in Windows. Yesterday, I was like 1,700-ish position. And 2 or 3 hours ago, my position was like 2,000. (2 hours but dropped 400+ positions)
So now so many people thinking about same thing as you. That means top 2,000 will be very tough.
Of course, if you have skills--possibly top 1,000-ish skills, you can upgrade it.

But if you like me---top 2,000-3,000-ish skills, you should better give up.
I'm only talking about in Windows. I don't know anything about Andorid or iOS.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Asphalt 8: It became useless R&D rewards after Rio update

I've got this R&D Basic Kit Box reward from Mercedes-AMG C 63 Coupe Touring Car 2014 R&D test 39.

And problem is this car's engine card was changed after Rio update in Windows(and iOS, too)--to V8 engine from V6 engine. I already have enough A cards so only relevant to me is engine and mid-tech card.
So R&D kit box rewards still gave me the V6 engine which I can't use it.

I can't upgrade the car means hard to do Lab 4's tests in R&D.

Gameloft always bring the big problem in every updates, it seems.

Gameloft didn't change the reward of Kit Box. So now I've got V6 engine cards from R&D rewards. But I can't upgrade the car.

They just changed the thing--especially very important card, without thinking about it.

Very good strategy to make people to spend money on the car. Not to mention recent network errors.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Asphalt 8 - Possible short cut for Ipenema Showdown map. Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe cup.

This recent Rio update was came out with new map-Rio de Janeiro.

It's still early to tell this is fastest route.

I played it for Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe cup in Asphalt 8 Time-limited event.
And my car rank was 1058--upgrade to 5223, pro to 3124.
Elite tune up was max for top speed (273.3 km/h) and nitro (45.1km/h). You can see all this in the youtube video below.
I didn't use any booster and finished at 1:16:395.

So if you use double booster and upgrade a bit for top speed, you probably can finish less than 1:10:000 for the Mid-tech cards.
Screenshot of Asphalt 8 TLE, Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe cup

Friday, July 8, 2016

Asphalt 8's RnD is hard and expensive. But you can do it only for rewards. @ October 18, 2015

I wrote this at Asphalt Wikia website which also has free blogging system.

RnD is hard and expensive. But you can do it only for rewards. @ October 18, 2015, personal blog at Asphalt Wikia website.

I didn't played it quite while because of this horrible lag--video recorded and uploaded at youtube: Asphalt 8 - Summer's Over update with huge lag huge lag starting after cave(set time frame around 1:27 - 1:48) so you can skip to the that part, if you'd like to see the lag.

I had an accident and then I was in hospital for awhile so I started play it again. And this recent Enduro Update(also call the 2016 Hot Summer Update)--Enduro double down challenge and R&D (Research & Development) series, I'd like to talk about.
So before do this, I'd like to explain this first.

P.S. All the links are detail information about the Asphalt 8 game terms from Asphalt Wikia page. So if you'd like to know more, you can click to read details.

Quite number of people in google+'s Asphalt 8 communities said that R&D was quite doable within 15 days. But what you have to realised is that many of people in that communities were mostly pro-ish player. Of course, they will never say such thing. But what I see is they mostly achieve within top 1,000 (even 300 or 500) in TLE(Time-Limited Event). If I'm not mistaken, about a hundred thousand or two hundred thousand(in Android) people are playing that TLE. So top 1,000 out of 200,000+ players. Was I wrong to call it pro-ish player?

Not only that, you have to maxed out and almost pro-ish car to win the car. And other hard part is every 3 hours to refill the key to play.

You can see the maxed out cost from here, as you can see 2.5 million credits needed. And you need number of S class cards, Mid-Tech and V10 engine cards. And more credits for pro upgrade.

It is so hard that quite number of people saying that they spent 1,000+ tokens to win the car and couldn't sleep because every 3 hours to play the R&D.

So am I have chance to win? I think not. So I planned to not play it at first. But R&D is there so I tried it with just first upgrade(cheapest upgrade part) and it was quite doable, I felt. So I only played it for rewards and not spending any credits and pro cards.

So what I'd like to suggest is playing it only for rewards. So don't upgrade it and have a good sleep. And play it only when you want to play it.

Lamborghini Huracán cheapest Upgrades with two free upgrades from R&D

I only spent first upgrade--because it's always cheap, so total 38,450 credits. Other two upgrade was from R&D rewards--I tried to spent my other S Class upgrade but it wasn't possible. And zero pro upgrade.

And I played it only during the day. And two or three days, I played only 2 or 3 times only.

R&D test 15 only with max 1-2-1-2(2 of upgrades from R&D rewards)

But as you can see, I am in Test 15.

But I think this test is my final stage (or maybe one or two more test) with those upgrades because many times(more than half of times), I failed to finish first which is main objective.

R&D test 015, many times failed like this with max 1-2-1-2

I can't catch up beginning part and then they crashed in front of me so I couldn't get out of from it. And then those ai cars are so fast that one or two mistakes made me loose the first position and then I couldn't catch up.

Of course, I might use double booster(Nitro Starter and Tuning Kit) all the time but I don't want to wasting my credits for rubbish car.

I am using the boosters when I have remains from the TLE.

If you do it like me, you can get quite bunch of tokens, S Class cards and a few Mid-Tech Cards.

So you can play it in the mood of relax. Not pressure to win the car.

It's more enjoyable for me.

Thank you.

p.s. I did that test for 4+ days. And I passed that test but I can't beat that ai in test 16 so that's end of it for me.

Anyway, I'm trying to do in Windows now and I did upgrade it to 1-3-1-1. But I don't think I can pass test 16 but hopefully it wasn't that hard in test 15.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Gameloft has some insignificant rules for Asphlat 8....

Last year or before last year, I've been played Asphalt 8: Airborne quite seriously.
That's why I even bought Google Nexus Player.

Asphalt 8: Airborne, played in 27 inch led monitor (hdmi) which connected to Nexus Player
with wired Xbox360 game controller
And during that time, I did write something in Wikia blog about the Asphalt 8 game--User blog: Visually in Wikia.

And they are still doing same thing so I have to keep it here.

You can read recent comment from Asphalt 8: Airborne - Asphalt Wiki - Wikia page
and one hot discussion topic is--Asphalt 8: Airborne is dead.
You will read many people complaining about the extremely expensive car price, max out and pro-ing price.

Originally I wrote here: Gameloft has some insignificant rule for.... @ August 31, 2015

Someone asked "Why are all the new cars faster than the old ones?" in Gameloft's forum.

So I replied

I think new car(or update) problem come from something else.

I don't know why. But GL has some insignificant rules for new car which is it must be extremely expensive to buy and to maxing and proing(??) the car.

That's the reason all new car must be better than old car, I think.

Gameloft has some insignificant rules for new car must be extremely expensive to buy, to max out and pro the car.

People are saying that mastery challenge can easily farm credits so it's not a big deal.

But 1+ or 2+ millions credits(buy, max out and pro) for D class car is nothing? I didn't think so.

Someone commented that player can get free (D or C class) upgrades from win streak which involves continuously winning in Multiplayer.

But in reality, (of course, except pro racer who probably easily obtain win streak) 20 upgrades to save a million (or half million) credits that means 20 multiply by 9 win streaks(D class would be 7). 180 games(D class would be 140 games) that you have to continuously win.

And unfortunately, you can't expect all the win streak will give you the C upgrade (or D upgrade). Because that randomness sometimes go crazy--like keep give you the 1x Nitro Starter. That makes 200+ games. Possibly 250+ games continuously win--I mean within 3rd place.

And if you are bump with triple booster, you will loose win streak easily. So sometimes, you have to do it all over again.

Of course, you can level up cheaper one with credits and only expensive one to get free C (or D) upgrade.

But as you can see, it takes so much effort to do the kept winning. And not many people can win all the time(of course, you can race with triple booster but that's painfully expensive especially extra tank.)

-- commented at August 31, 2015.

P.S. This is what happens when multinational company trying to make money from pretending to 'free game' which is hot trend in Andorid and iPhone.
This 'free app' (especially pretending one) business is quite big issue.
I'm not sure when will I talk about it. But I will write.....someday.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014 will shutdown.

This is what I wrote to my twitter account.

#Springpad Interesting idea and it could better. But painful to use & horribly slow. Managing the text is that hard?!

If you'd like to know what I mean, you can simply install #Ted text editor in #playstore. And then run it. & run the #Springpad. compare it.

They had some interesting ideas and it went well.

But they took same mistake path like poor performance in fundamentally important thing. However you try to change, is basically text editor. So if it lose competency in fundamental thing, people won't try to use it much.

It means company will lose their customers.