Thursday, May 26, 2016

Gameloft has some insignificant rules for Asphlat 8....

Last year or before last year, I've been played Asphalt 8: Airborne quite seriously.
That's why I even bought Google Nexus Player.

Asphalt 8: Airborne, played in 27 inch led monitor (hdmi) which connected to Nexus Player
with wired Xbox360 game controller
And during that time, I did write something in Wikia blog about the Asphalt 8 game--User blog: Visually in Wikia.

And they are still doing same thing so I have to keep it here.

You can read recent comment from Asphalt 8: Airborne - Asphalt Wiki - Wikia page
and one hot discussion topic is--Asphalt 8: Airborne is dead.
You will read many people complaining about the extremely expensive car price, max out and pro-ing price.

Originally I wrote here: Gameloft has some insignificant rule for.... @ August 31, 2015

Someone asked "Why are all the new cars faster than the old ones?" in Gameloft's forum.

So I replied

I think new car(or update) problem come from something else.

I don't know why. But GL has some insignificant rules for new car which is it must be extremely expensive to buy and to maxing and proing(??) the car.

That's the reason all new car must be better than old car, I think.

Gameloft has some insignificant rules for new car must be extremely expensive to buy, to max out and pro the car.

People are saying that mastery challenge can easily farm credits so it's not a big deal.

But 1+ or 2+ millions credits(buy, max out and pro) for D class car is nothing? I didn't think so.

Someone commented that player can get free (D or C class) upgrades from win streak which involves continuously winning in Multiplayer.

But in reality, (of course, except pro racer who probably easily obtain win streak) 20 upgrades to save a million (or half million) credits that means 20 multiply by 9 win streaks(D class would be 7). 180 games(D class would be 140 games) that you have to continuously win.

And unfortunately, you can't expect all the win streak will give you the C upgrade (or D upgrade). Because that randomness sometimes go crazy--like keep give you the 1x Nitro Starter. That makes 200+ games. Possibly 250+ games continuously win--I mean within 3rd place.

And if you are bump with triple booster, you will loose win streak easily. So sometimes, you have to do it all over again.

Of course, you can level up cheaper one with credits and only expensive one to get free C (or D) upgrade.

But as you can see, it takes so much effort to do the kept winning. And not many people can win all the time(of course, you can race with triple booster but that's painfully expensive especially extra tank.)

-- commented at August 31, 2015.

P.S. This is what happens when multinational company trying to make money from pretending to 'free game' which is hot trend in Andorid and iPhone.
This 'free app' (especially pretending one) business is quite big issue.
I'm not sure when will I talk about it. But I will write.....someday.

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