Thursday, May 19, 2016

Teclast X98 Air ii, dual boot tablet - how to change memory size for android.

Is it possible without reinstalling the system?

Answer looks like 'no' at the moment.

I am trying to reduce the Android memory size and increase the Windows hard disk size.
What I have found so far, I can delete whole Android system or delete whole Windows system.
It looks like quite hard(or impossible) to reduce the Android size because Android uses 7+ partition which you can see the below photo.

So it should better to install one by one--Windows 8.1 and then Android. Or vice versa. During installation, I think it can allocate partition size--I haven't found out yet so it was just my guessing.

First, how much space on the 64GB hard drive is assigned to Android and Windows?

I bought secondhand x98 air ii 64gb so I'm not sure about whether it is factory setup or not.
But mine was 39gb(include 5gb for windows recovery) for Windows and other remains--22gb(it seems) for Android.

Here is partition allocation table from Windows' disk management.
Teclast X98 Air ii 64gb - default partition allocation - Windows 8.1's disk management

Here is Android's memory size from storage menu in settings.
Teclast X98 Air ii 64gb - default Android memory size - Storage menu in Settings.

Second, what is the optimal partition size for Android and Windows?

I think there hasn't any optimal partition size because it's all depend on usage.
I don't like installing so many apps on Android and Windows. So in my case, 8gb is surely enough for my Android--I have a 16gb android tablet and half was empty so I can manage with that size. And I can put data(ebooks, songs, videos, etc) on micro-sd memory.
And I don't need big memory on Windows but sometimes, some software need big size--mostly games, so I'd like to have more space on Windows.

I'm thinking about upgrade to Android 5.0 from 4.4.4. So during that process, I hope to reduce the partition size.

This is one guide that delete Android and then those Android's memory allocate to Windows so without reinstalling the os--operating system.

* Koko Pudja's guide: How to delete Android and merge partitions in Windows for more space
Same tutorial but with photos to help much easy to follow.

I think this guide is apply to all the dual boot tablet such as Chuwi, Teclast, (Onda, Cube?) which had two operating system, Windows and Android.

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