Monday, November 4, 2013

Flickr in Seoul meetup at the Eungbongsan for night shoot

This is what it looked like in up there.
Night in Seoul, view from the Eungbongsan with sepia tone
Night in Seoul, view from the Eungbongsan with sepia tone

You can also check out some of panorama photos from Emre Kanik–Sunset at the Han River and Enjoying the View of the Han River.

Some of FIS(Flickr in Seoul) members are trying to do night shoot this Saturday, November 9 at 5:00pm-ish. And we can do night walk, too, if you want to.

We will meet at the Oksu station line 3 exit 2. And then we will walk to the Eungbongsan. This mountain is like hill so you don't have to worry about the going up.
And it should better to buy things or eat before go up.

If the weather is going to bad, I will probably postpone the meetup but it probably wasn't going to raining heavily in Autumn so very unlikely.

There has other possibilities such as go down to the river for taking photo of bridge or night hiking through '서울 산책로'. Or go to the Donghodaegyo '동호대교'.
Or if you have more time and want some more, we can go to the other scenic viewpoint, too.

Anyway, I think this scenic viewpoint is one of most spectacular cityscape viewpoint in Seoul.
If you can imagine the location from google map, you will get the idea.

* the night bus information near area
If your home is Gangnam, Daechi, Gaepo, Seongnam or Bundang area, there has night buses such N37, 402 at the '순천향대학병원' Soonchunhyang university hospital bus station.
And some of red buses such as 1005-1, 5500 still going to Sooji or Jeongja area until 1:00am (or 1:50am or possibly 2:00am) because their last bus' departure time is around 12:30am.

** I forgot to mention that this is weekday bus schedule for red bus so last red bus could be more earlier than what I mentioned.

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