Saturday, July 1, 2017

back to basics: fell in love with manual focus

back to basics: fell in love with manual focus

When I went to that place for taking photos, I brought Nikon 105mm f2.5 manual lens also but I thought I might try Nikon 50mm f1.4d. And it didn't focus well because auto focus system doesn't focus what I wanted. So I had to control myself.

Take control the scene makes me feel good--actually amazing.

My Nikon D90's viewfinder wasn't bigger so it wasn't easy. It took me very long time to get the result what I want. So it requires so many of trials and errors.
I didn't bother much because I felt it was huge improvement from my previous Nikon D70--especially viewfinder.

And I was having great time with those trials and errors.

I precisely focus the what you see in the photo. I have other 15 photos with same scene and of course, focus was slightly different than this photo.

Of course, you can also take same photo with auto focus system.

But it won't be easy because viewfinder was small and LCD screen was so small to check whether focus the right part or not.
I wrote this at May 30, 2014 and later on, I use manual lens most of the time. And now I prefer to use manual lens only. I even forgot about how to use auto focus lens.

Post processing:
Crop the photo with Nikon ViewNX2.
And then auto white balance with GIMP.

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