Thursday, August 11, 2016

Asphalt 8 - What's so special about this MP-TLE, Summer Championship?

This Summer Championship MultiPlayer Time-Limited Event, what am I missing here?

screenshot of Asphalt 8 MP-TLE, Summer Championship. Rubbish reward but....

Rewards are rubbish. Top 25 for 35,000 credits. It didn't even have any tokens reward or nice boxes.

But it looked like lots of people go with booster--triple booster, double booster, you name it.

I am trying to get only for the finish first reward--35 tokens. But I couldn't finish first because there always have at least double booster or triple boosters. That's not the only reason.
Those boosters are so crazy about win the race so starting point, they all hit other cars.
* 35,000 credits (25 players only so probably some of them can't even get it whether they use Extra Tank or not) for the spend 200 tokens worth Extra Tank?

What?? you really think this is Championship event?

If it is so, why max A class car. And championship event rewards top 25 are for 35,000 credits?
Do you think that's the kind of championship race reward?

Put some nice event name. It looked like many players were fell for it.

I didn't even think about to play a lot but I couldn't do the finish first so I have no other choice. And then my position is like that.

Event reward is so low that you probably can't get back what you spend for the boosters.

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