Saturday, February 12, 2011

Nokia could do far better with their customer. (Part 1 of ..)

I wrote this for Nokia Corporation so if you don't know anything about Nokia phone, I wouldn't suggest to read.

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Browser
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My intention in this paper wasn't arguing about which smartphone was better. I am just saying that people using the phone differently.

People using the phone on their needs. And each person need different things. So people will buying the phone for what they need.
So that's why there have variety types of phone out there.
But people tend to compare different product so easily.

And geek was too much concern on technology thing only so I am pointing out that they didn't much care about real life usage of smartphone.

So I believe that Symbian powered Nokia smartphone was so much underestimate their potential because Nokia Symbian smartphone could be more useful in real life.

I haven't found better way to put my document file to the blog so I just uploaded via
And I will talk more about it in here.

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