Thursday, December 22, 2016

This is how human beings are thinking nowadays. -- to facebook timeline

If you know me, I always suggest to do the blogging. And I was totally right, after trying to find something from old post in facebook group. It was not just taking forever to load(extremely slow)--because mostly useless news articles, photos, etc.
There has zero creative or innovative thought in it.

This is how human beings are thinking nowadays. Don't care about old post. Just always looking for trend.

Everyday we trashed things to this rubbish timeline. And completely forgotten from your memory. And hopping for someone to understand my and your rubbish thought.

My facebook timeline probably also like trash but I'm trying to put some information--something useful, at least.

* I thought about write it in my timeline in facebook but I didn't. Not only because my friends will not understand.
Because I'd like to keep this thought in public so some people can see this.

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