Saturday, September 17, 2016

Asphalt 8 - Alfa Romeo 4C Research & Development, 5 Labs 50 Tests, details

This R&D(Research and Development) event originally published on February 25, 2016 which has 3 labs 35 tests and 7 days were given to the player. And this new one was extended with new map--Rio.
It has 5 labs 50 tests and 15 days were given to the player.

screenshot of Asphalt 8 Research & Development Alfa Romeo 4C banner

These details were taken from Asphalt 8 Wikia's Research & Development page. And if you'd like to see the details of R&D event, you can click below--link to the Asphalt 8 Wikia page:

Currently I'm waiting for the lab 4 to unlocked so I don't have any details on Lab 4 and 5. So once I've done each test, I will edit the spreadsheet below.
And also that Asphalt 8 Wikia's Second Alfa Romeo 4C R&D event - 5 Labs 50 Tests - September 4, 2016 page which I am the only one editing that page. Because many people already done this R&D.

Lab info. and unlocking details:
  • Lab 1 - only one lap so player should better to take long route to collect QC(Quality Checks). And no traffics on the road.
  • Lab 2 - 2 days later (1 day and 12+ hours before unlock, it costs about 700 tokens)
    • mostly two laps to collect enough QC, except elimination, knockdown, etc.
    • after test 11, traffics on the road.
  • Lab 3 - 4 days later (1 day and 12+ hours before unlock, it costs about 1,200 tokens)
  • Lab 4 - 7 days later (1 day and 20+ hours before unlock, it costs about 1,000 tokens)
  • Lab 5 - 11 days later

Each lab will unlock follow as above. So if you'd like to play it(unlock) early, you need tokens for unlock the lab.
screenshot of Asphalt 8 R&D Alfa Romeo 4C , Lab 2 unlocked

You can see the details below
or you can click to see from Google Docs website.

P.S. In Android, there has a problem--probably after player done the Lab 4 Test 29. Player can't play it because after Lab 4 Test 29, Asphalt 8 game close itself. After 3 or 4 days were passed, Gameloft don't bother to fix the issue.
And then come up with idea is this:
screenshot of Alfa Romeo 4C R&D event shut down message

Just shut down the event.
"Alfa Romeo 4C R&D has been stopped due to technical issues and we plan to relaunch it as soon as it gets fixed. Meanwhile please receive this reward as a compensation!" message from Gameloft's Asphalt 8 game.

Problem is when the event starts, I have to do it all over again. And it's 15 days event--D class car so it was very long days to play, that means I have to arrange my schedule again to play that event.
Of course, if I can start from Lab 4--I've done until Lab 3, it will be okay.

But what I've seen so far--Gameloft don't bother to fix the problem and login error, upload result error because of Asphalt 8 sever shutdown or other server issues which made player lost enough playtime for R&D or EDD. They never bothered about these issues.
I felt like they were intentionally shutdown the Asphalt 8 sever--1+ day Asphalt 8 server shutdown means I don't have enough time to win the event so I had to spend tokens(or more credits for booster or upgrade) to catch up.

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