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Asphalt 8 18th tryout of BXR Bailey Blade GT1 Enduro Double Down challenge list

I'm writing this for
  • trying to figure out the difficulty increase,
  • this can apply any EDD (Enduro Double Down) challenge because game style is quite same as previous challenge--Weber Faster One and Aston Martin One-77.
  • So you can do it well on next EDD challenge.

Based on previous EDD and other information from Asphalt 8 Wikia page
--like Enduro Double Down Challenges and Enduro Double Down/BXR Bailey Blade GT1 page.

Difficulty will increase after player collected 7,000 points and one more time after collected 20,000 points.

So if player did the double until 24 ace race in BXR Bailey Blade GT1 EDD, after collected 7,000 points player should double until 19 ace race.
And once again, if player did the double until 19 ace race, after collected 20,000 points player should double until 14 ace race. 10 ace race.
So player should prepare for the difficulty changes.
Or player should upgrade enough to do the desire ace race.

You can check out my previous tryout of BXR Bailey Blade GT1:

Bailey, eighteenth EDD(Enduro Double Down) invitation.

I will write down like involved car, map, requirement, ghost racer(AI car)'s finish time. And then if there has recommended rank, I selected that challenge.

So I can figure out how difficult it became with this recommended car rank and ghost racer's finish time.

Collected points:
  • Previously collected 40,090 points.
  • Failed at challenge 4.

* Again, one crazy fast 1540 Bailey finished almost impossible time--1:14:xxx. 2 seconds slower than last failed same challenge--16th tryout challenge 5 1540 Bailey finished at 1:12:864.

Spent tokens: 0 token.

* I will not spend any token this time. Because I spent a lot in previous R&D, EDD about more than 1,300 tokens for each.

Car status:
  • BXR Bailey Blade GT1 upgrade status: R1602 (max 2222, pro 3333, elite tune up -4, +4, -4, +4)
  • fully maxed and proed it
    • Alfa Romeo MiTo GTA
    • Ford Focus RS
    • Nissan GT-R (R35)
    • Dodge Viper SRT10 ACR-X
  • Mazda 6 upgrade status: R1054 (max 3324, pro 4353)
  • I don't own the car - upgrade status:
    • Mitsubishi Eclipse: I've got the V6 engine card so upgrade to R1344(max 3423, max 4353) from R1328 (max 3423 pro 4343) 
    • Holden Coupe 60: R1248 (max 2212, pro 2121)
    • Mazzanti Evantra: R1546 (max 2212, pro 2022)

Ace race isn't the problem
-- based on previous EDD and I failed 6 times on ace race but I failed 13 times on not ace race.

Weber Faster One is S class car. And Aston Martin One-77 is A class car. And this BXR Bailey Blade GT1 is B class car.
So I don't think it will be difficult like previous EDD---nope, not really. It's crazier (trickier) than previous EDD.

But it will be very difficult in very different way. This elite car system will degrade car so you have to tune up time to time. And this elite car system always ruined whole play time because sometimes 'tune up' just completely gone or sometimes it will refill only half of 'tune up bar'. And D or C class car like Mazda 6, Alfa Romeo MiTo GTA and Ford Focus RS had to compete with car rank of 1540 BXR Bailey Blade GT1. So one mistake or if player didn't fully upgraded means impossible to win.

* My guess was right. I failed two times on infected mode because of that 1540 BXR Bailey. You can read and see from Asphalt 8 crazy infected challenge in BXR Bailey Blade GT1 Enduro Double Down.
* Again my guess was right. I did apply the tune up. About 30 minutes later, I checked this 'tune up' thing. But four hours later, it was completely gone. So I had to apply 'tune up' again. That means I had to play next day.
Meanwhile, 2 out of 3 invitation at the time and one invitation was delivered within 2+ hours. So while doing sleep or work, my EDD invitation was fully charged for very and very long time. So I probably wasted one EDD invitation for waiting and again, waiting for complete the 'tune up'.
See the details from here or check fourth tryout.

But many times, I failed on not ace race. So problem will be other cars--Mazda 6, Mitsubishi Eclipse, Holden Coupe 60, Mazzanti Evantra.
 - I have Mazda 6 but I didn't upgrade it properly because I upgraded it with remains. So no free class D upgrade or i4 engine card to further upgrade.
 - Holden Coupe 60, Mazzanti Evantra: I don't have these cars and I don't think I will buy it in the future. So I don't like waste credits and pro cards.

Previous--17th tryout, I've got the Mitsubishi Eclipse reward.

And here is the remain rewards:

screenshot of Asphalt8 Bailey EDD 17th tryout, after challenge 10 remain rewards

I was very irritated by this one crazy fast 1540 rank Bailey. Because most of time, at the beginning I hit the car(almost all the AI) to make clear the road.
But it was useless.

Because this crazy fast 1540 rank Bailey probably can go more fast. This car took all the slowest route but it can still finish first.

So I can't even catch to hit the car.

This is not so great B elite car because high rank with poor performance. So it can't do well in TLE(Time-Limited Event) and it can't do well in MP(MultiPlayer).
So I felt that pointless to get the car.
I already wasting so many credits (2 millions+) and pro cards.
At least, I didn't use any token and booster(just 2 to 4) though.

So I don't feel like continue playing.

But FI-V8 engine cards were extremely rare for me so that's the reason I will keep playing.

Many challenges were quite similar with previous tryouts so I will not include screenshot.

Challenge 1.
  • Ford Focus RS, Barcelona, Elimination, Finish first, recommended rank 1176
  • BXR Bailey Blade GT1, Dragon Tree, Knock Down the Most Cars

Challenge 2.
  • Mitsubishi Eclipse, Ipanema Showdown, Gate Drift: 10,500 points, recommended rank 1167
  • Mazda 6, Route 375-1, Finish first

Challenge 3. Ace race. Sector 8, recommended rank 1576, AI finished at 1:08:871

With 1602 (max 2222, pro 3333, elite tune up -4, +2, 0, +2) rank BXR Bailey Blade GT1, finished at 1:07:386.

Challenge 4.
  • Holden Coupe 60, Barcelona Reverse, Unplugged, Finish first
  • Alfa Romeo MiTo GTA, Westminster Bridge, Finish first, recommended rank 1127

screenshot of Asphalt8 Bailey EDD 18th tryout, challenge 4 result

It happened before. Yes, it was better. Because it was 2 seconds slower than last time. 1540 rank of BXR Bailey Blade GT1 finished at 1:14:745.
Last time, finished at 1:12:864.

But fully upgraded 1201 rank of Alfa Romeo MiTo GTA can't easily achieve that time. So how 1127(recommended rank) of MiTo can do that?

This is what I wrote about same challenge in the 16th tryout:

This crazy super fast 1540 Bailey make more wasting my time.

screenshot of Asphalt8 Bailey EDD 16th tryout, challenge 5 result
As you can see from the screenshot, 1540 rank of BXR Bailey Blade GT1 finished at 1:12:864. This is one of craziest thing.
This challenge's car was Alfa Romeo MiTo GTA and recommended rank is 1127. I have fully upgraded MiTo which rank was 1201.
1201 rank MiTo can finish 1:14:xxx-ish so how can 1127 rank MiTo can finish 1:12:864.

It's not just impossible. I think that even pro-player can't make faster than that time with that rank.

So Gameloft's intention was very clear. They designed this EDD to fail the challenge.

Of course, with double booster, it can be done. But 1127 recommended rank. I don't think so.
Maybe 1127 recommended rank with triple booster can make that time.

screenshot of Asphalt8 Bailey EDD 16th tryout, challenge 5 failed-pick

Some people won't believe what I am saying.
So here is proof--I tried Alfa Romeo MiTo GTA's mastery challenge 3 which is Westminster Bridge.

Alfa Romeo MiTo GTA's mastery challenge 3 result

It wasn't fastest lap but this wasn't bad lap either. I tried two more times and it wasn't much different--1:14:xxx-ish.
You can try it yourself.

Here, another example, Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Electric Drive's mastery challenge 11 Westminster Bridge. It was fully upgrade so rank was 1212.

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Electric Drive's mastery challenge 11 result
This car has more longer duration of nitro and higher rank than MiTo. So it probably can finish earlier than this.

But at least you will understand that I am not making this up.

Previously, crazy fast 1540 Bailey infected challenge problem and then now this....

You can continue read other EDD tryout:
Will write it soon.
  • Bailey, nineteenth EDD invitation challenge list

You can check out the Android--Bailey EDD tryout:

You can check out my previous Aston Martin One-77 EDD challenge list in Windows:
- After second EDD invitation challenge list, I included my collected points, spent tokens and car upgrade status. Fourth to eighth EDD tryout have some screenshots of challenge.

You don't have to read whole challenge list but first, second(or third) and sixth(and fifth)--which I collected more than 20,000 points should be enough.

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