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Asphalt 8 - Reality of playing and win the Fenyr Supersport Research & Development

This is what I commented on the Asphalt 8 Wikia's Research & Development/Fenyr Supersport page.

screenshot of Asphalt 8 r&d Fenyr Supersport - participate

That's very, very and very strange.

I tried test 22 which is Wall Ascent. With maybe poor upgrade, 1311 because I only upgraded first level so I did spend very little credits--50,650 credits only. And use free upgrade to top speed. But my rank is similar in the recommended rank.

Everyone saying like doable. Yes, I did it--I mean test 22. So it's doable, right?

It's only Lab 2. So I have plenty of time to try--I won't try to get the car, so actually I have 15 days to play in Lab 2.

It was quite horrible handling. And AI cars are so nice that doing some crash party---with each others or traffics. I trapped--corpse of cars or traffics, so many times. So I couldn't make time. I spent 8+ keys to completed task. So 9+ hours(probably 11 hours) to finish one test.

Yes, doable.

If you have problem like this, you can just use token (35 tokens to save Quality Checks. 35. Not bad, right?). That makes 'super-easy'. That's why so many people spend tokens.

What you really have to know is this:
It is so hard that quite number of people saying that they spent 1,000+ tokens to win the car and couldn't sleep because every 3 hours to play the R&D.
Quote from Asphalt 8's RnD is hard and expensive. But you can do it only for rewards. @ October 18, 2015

Yes, I heard that someone saying they didn't spend any tokens. Yes, you can. You can play 24 hours per day. Wake up every 3 hours.

One time, I've read someone claim that he didn't spend any token--he is pro-player(who can achieve 100 to 500 position in TLE--Time-Limited Event) but he needed to play 16+ hours per day.

Pro-player even needed to play 16+ hours per day. That means how long should average player have to play it? Mercedes-AMG C 63 Coupe Touring Car 2014 R&D, I had to play it like 14+ hours and spend 1,500-ish tokens. <-- I don't think this kind of hard work, call it easy. Or I'm just horrible player---but strange thing is that I can make 1,500 to 3,000 position in almost any TLE with only double booster(Yes, I have quite number of fully upgrade cars)--I don't use ET.

So I must be horrible player who can't even do the Test 22 in Lab 2.

Lab 2 has quite horrible traffics. So Lab 3 or 4 don't even have traffics. That means 3 or 4 became easier than Lab 2??

That's why people are saying it was quite easy, I think.

I tried some of test in Lab 3 and it was more horrible traffics and some of tests are quite okay. But some of tests, I have to try like 6 to 9 times to complete one test.
So I think that why people call it doable because if they felt that test is difficult, they simply use tokens to save quality checks. That's why they call it 'doable' or 'easy'.

Because whether test is hard or not, they can always save quality checks with tokens. So they can keep going quite easily.

And many people knew that they can't do it in lab 4 with low upgraded car. Lab 4 probably need at least 1750-ish rank. So they make 1750-ish rank or fully upgraded very early--almost beginning.
That means they are playing over-ranked-car than recommended rank so they don't get any difficulty.

Of course, it is possible to win.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying it is impossible.

But what I'm trying to say is it's not easy to win. And there has so many things that needed to win.

If you have 5 million credits and bunch of expensive pro cards or at least 3 million credits and bunch of expensive pro cards with a few thousands tokens.

But that's not the whole story. Someone who can play 15+ hours for at least 4 or 5 days--it is for lab 4. Lab 1, 2 and 3 wasn't very hard(but some of tests are quite difficult) so you probably don't need to play 12+ hours per day.
It is only play for around 10 minutes for every 3 hours. So some people don't have problem with that. But some people can't afford that much.

That's why I wrote this--Asphalt 8's RnD is hard and expensive. But you can do it only for rewards. @ October 18, 2015 before.

Here is Fenyr Supersport's upgrade cost:
* taken from Asphalt 8 Wikia's Fenyr Supersport\Upgrades page:

3,464,150 credits to max out.

But if you use free upgrade rewards to Top Speed upgrade, you can save 1,289,250 credits.
So 2,174,900 credits to upgrade.

Pro upgrade cards:
Tires - S x23
Suspension - S x23
Drivetrain - S x23
Exhaust - S x23

Mid-Tech x28
Advanced Tech x28

F6 Engine x24

1,953,525 credits to pro upgrade

So if you have enough credits to upgrade, enough credits to buy boosters, a few thousands(or less) tokens and long hours(but around 10 minutes for every 3 hours) to play, you probably can win the car.

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