Saturday, August 6, 2016

Asphalt 8 EDD(Enduro Double Down), It's harder than what people are saying.

Now I'm trying seventh time and I thought I can do it without booster because I was about 26 higher rank than recommended rank.

But I failed:
screenshot of Asphalt 8 EDD, 7th try, challenge 7 ace race failed.

I know I made mistake, this time I didn't crash to the structure.
Because last time--my very first try in EDD, I did crash the car and failed it.
You can see details here: Asphalt 8: Airborne, Enduro Double Down, Aston Martin One-77, First try challenge list. at August 5, 2016

Same challenge but it was challenge 23. But this time, it was challenge 7. Actually, this challenge pop out(challenge 7) at sixth try. It's same challenge but that time, my car rank was lower so I did use triple booster--Nitro Starter+Tuning Kit+Extra Tank. So I made it around 1:09:498.

You can see how difficult it became.

Here is my car's tuning status:
R1638 - max 2322 pro 5253
screenshot of Asphalt 8 Aston Martin One-77's upgrade status

screenshot of Asphalt 8 Aston Martin One-77's upgrade -pro status

screenshot of Asphalt 8 Aston Martin One-77's upgrade -pro status

Here is the challenge's map - Dragon Tree:

screenshot of Asphalt 8 EDD challenge 7 ace race Dragon Tree

It looked like I needed to upgrade more or use triple booster to play it safe. Of course, I needed more skills but problem is I can't practice to make better, right?

One good thing is that this ace race won't become harder. I can't be sure. But when I tried EDD for Weber Faster One, after collected 20k points, ace race won't become hard--it will stay same.

But I will find out soon.

Here is the screenshot of after failed challenge:

screenshot of Asphalt 8 after failed challenge 7 - tokens to spent or back to challenge 1

Last time--Weber Faster One EDD, it was 100 tokens to try again. But this time, it was 200 tokens.
And Auto-Pass is 250. Just 50 tokens more.
I can retry but if I made mistake again, I have to spend tokens again. So I just picked Auto-Pass.

I can give up this time but if I'd like to win the car, I probably needed about 1,945 points. So I had to try.

Here is the screenshot of Pick a choice:

screenshot of Asphalt 8 EDD - Play it Safe, Double or Double Down

If you'd like to win the car from Enduro Double Down, you have to understand that it will become hard. So you have to figure out how much upgrade for collecting enough points.

And if you made mistake a lot, you should better use double or triple booster. Or over-upgraded.

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