Thursday, September 13, 2012

This is how I learn things from internet.

North Pole scenery (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was quite curious about what timezone would apply in North and South Pole. So I found these two article:

And then I found interesting youtube video which is webcam from North Pole.
North Pole Web Cam 2011 – YouTube by NOAAPMEL

I've seen youtube video and then I thought ‘What this is for?' so I've searched more about it. Actually, you can read about purpose of put it in the youtube from that video.

This is homepage for that youtube video: NOAA Arctic Theme Page – A Comprehensive Arctic Resource

And I didn't read whole part but I found quite interesting and informative article: What has been happening to polar bears in recent decades? by Scott L. Schliebe

Do you think you can find this information without internet? Maybe.
But I am Korean and I am sure that I can't find this kind of information about 20 or 30 years ago when there hasn't internet. Because very less (or none) Koreans went to North Pole. So how can I find (and contact with) these Koreans. So it's almost impossible.

This is one of reason that I believe internet will change humans and human society for good.

ps. I've forgotten to mention about beginning of this curiosity. When I googled with 'what time is it in North Pole and South Pole' and then I found a bit weird answer. That's how I start.

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